About Us


Starfire Productions is based in Oakland, California.


Our Services Include:
  • Live switching, multi-camera setups,
  • On demand access to video archives,
  • Reliable customer service & support,
  • Mail order DVD, BD & USB key chains,
  • Integrated live streaming to web & mobile,
  • Hardwired & wireless 4G configurations
In Addition:
  • Our outside sales booth and internet store front are both easy to use and affordable.
  • We can assist in site specific needs and / or handle the full video production.
  • Our easy player embeds with a snap onto your website, blog or product page.
  • With our new Starfire Rig onsite, we’ve got you covered!

We are a close-knit group of filmmakers, visionaries & entrepreneurs.
There future is now. Stream your own event today!

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